Affordable Cubicles

Looking for affordable cubicles? Look no further

Affordable Cubicles

Written by Steve Thompson

Many business owners have trouble finding affordable cubicles, or worse, donít believe they exist. When you're just starting a business or beginning to expand, the last thing you want to do is drain your corporate bank account. Fortunately, itís possible to find affordable cubicles that serve the same purpose as their pricey counterparts.

Choosing features for affordable cubicles

If youíre looking for discounted cubicles, you will first need to decide which features are necessary and which you can live without. Obviously, at cut rates, you won't be pulling out all the stops, but this doesn't mean you have to live with a substandard product.

Often, the less expensive versions are very plain with a focus on functionality. This can actually be beneficial because they provide fewer distractions. However, you might have to skimp on the features inside the cubicle such as extra workspace, drawers, filing cabinets, shelves and other features.

Evaluating products

Before you buy affordable cubicles, make sure you've educated yourself on the options. There are dozens of brands, styles, sizes and features available, which means that you could sell yourself short by making a quick decision.

For example, you might be able to purchase a higher-quality cubicle by surveying pre-owned options. Gently used cubicles might be available in like-new condition with few signs of wear. As long as the products are still functional, pre-owned items might be your best choice.

It is also a good idea to survey different suppliers. Two dealers might offer the same brand at radically different prices, so shop around. Ask to see photographs of the product in use, lists of specifications and comparisons with other brands of the same or similar quality.

Buying tips

When you purchase affordable cubicles, try to buy as many at one time as possible. Many dealers offer bulk discounts when you reach a certain threshold, so it can actually save money to purchase with expansion in mind. You might need only 10 cubicles right now, but is it possible you'll need 25 years down the road?

Additionally, consider purchasing add-ons to go with your affordable cubicles from the same company. You might be able to buy adjustable shelves, extra cabinets, drawers, hooks and other products to go with your cubicles, and purchasing everything at the same time can save money in the long run.

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