Cubicles for Sale

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Cubicles for Sale

Written by Steve Thompson

When looking for a cubicle for sale, you may feel overwhelmed at first by the volume of choices. Do you want new or used furniture? Modular or fixed? L-shaped, U-shaped or call-center style? The faster you can narrow down your options, the better equipped you will be to compare different possibilities.

Typical features of a cubicle for sale

There are three main parts of a cubicle: the partitions (or walls), the work space (or desk) and the shelving, which can include cabinets, drawers, and individual shelves. Each of these parts is crucial to the functionality of your cubicles, so decide in advance how you want it to be arranged.

A U-shaped cubicle, for example, might have three sides of desk space: one reserved for the computer workstation, one for writing and taking notes, and another for storage of office supplies such as pens, pencils, and staplers. Storage is often limited to the overhead, and may include locked cabinets for employee privacy.

General price ranges

Many business owners have no idea what they should pay for a cubicle for sale, and this is largely because there are so many different options. Cubicles can cost anywhere from $750 to more than $5,000, though the more expensive options usually have high-end designs and styling such as glass partitions and partial wood surfaces.

Youíll also pay more for specialty cubicles such as those for call centers and receptionists. A reception cubicle, for example, usually features two sides with one side reserved for counter space. The back partition is usually dedicated to storage, including shelves for files and other items a receptionist might need.

What to look for in a dealer

Don't assume that just because you've found a cubicle for sale, that you can automatically trust the dealer. There are usually many suppliers for each brand and model of cubicle, so you have options. Take time to find one with a reasonable price and a good history of delivering strong customer service.

You may want to find out if the dealer offers incentives such as discounts on bulk purchases, or free delivery and installation. These can really save time and money, especially for small businesses that are interested in spending as little up-front cash as possible.

How do cubicles work?

Once you purchase a cubicle for sale, youíll need to set it up in your office space. A grouping of cubicles can be arranged one against the other for maximum space economy. Call center cubicles, for example, may be established in rows with partitions between each workstation.

Itís also important to consider things like computer and telephone connections. When setting up, make sure each cubicle has access to the cables and cords it needs for the employee to work. You may also need to have new outlets installed if there aren't enough available.

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