Cubicle Systems

All you need to know about cubicle systems

Cubicle Systems

Written by Steve Thompson

Office cubicle systems offer a flexible and highly functional solution for organizing workspace. They can permit easy communication between coworkers without sacrificing privacy. In addition, they’re also portable so that business owners can easily rearrange their offices whenever the need arises.

Overview of today's cubicle systems

A cubicle system is a grouping of cubicles that are stationed together in the same office space. They include not only the dividers, but also work spaces and items that help you set up stations for your employees.

Before you set up your work space, it is important to know in advance what types of cubicles you need.

L-shaped cubicles, for example, are two-sided (some have a third half-partition), while U-shaped cubicles are three-sided and provide additional security and separation. Team cubicles are groupings of two to five cubicles with short partitions between work spaces. Meanwhile, call center stations are generally linear with enough space for a computer on the desk and partitions between.

Features of cubicle systems

You will quickly discover that different systems come with different features, which means that business owners must compare different brands to see which will serve their needs best. Some systems come with extended walls for added privacy, adjustable shelving with cantilever brackets, work surfaces hung the same way, cabinets for overhead storage, keyboard trays, drawers, filing cabinets and even office chairs.

The features you need with your cubicle systems depends on the type of work your employees do and how their work spaces are laid out. For example, employees who do not use computers probably do not use keyboard trays, and cubicles that serve several employees might not need drawers.

Pricing options

Cubicle systems can range from $750 per unit to more than $5,000 each, depending on the quality and features. They are usually less expensive per unit if you order them in bulk; many suppliers offer a discount when you reach a certain threshold. This is why many business owners choose to plan for future expansion when purchasing cubicles.

If capital is a problem, many suppliers offer in-house financing to help you get the equipment you need right away. Keep in mind, however, that this will wind up costing you additional money with finance fees and interest rates, so it is important to take all costs into consideration before you buy.

Installation tips

When you purchase cubicle systems, you’ll need to have them installed in your office. You can do this yourself with in-house movers and an installation team, but it’s sometimes more cost-effective to have the supplier or an installation company handle it.

For one thing, installation is complex and mistakes can delay the time which your business can be back up and running. You may be able to get a discount on moving and installation if you order from the same supplier who sets up your cubicles.

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