Modular Cubicles

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Modular Cubicles

Written by Steve Thompson

One of the main points of organizing your office with modular systems furniture is the flexibility it creates. Modular cubicles are the essence of flexibility and convenience, and are available in a wide variety of dimensions and styles to suit your personal preferences. If you’re interested in improving your workflow and productivity, these cubicles may be your best option.

What are modular cubicles?

It sounds complicated, but "modular" simply means that it can be rearranged or moved without needing to reconstruct the entire office space. For example, you may have a cubicle with a left entrance that you would like to switch to a right entrance. Modular products like these types of cubicles make this possible.

You can also adjust other aspects of this type of workstation, from the height of the desk to the placement of shelves and cabinets. You may be able to raise and lower the partitions to suit your purposes, or align the cubicles differently to fit different office spaces.

What features should I look for?

The features you need for modular cubicles will depend on how they’ll be used. If you’re thinking more from a design and style perspective, you'll want flexibility in the arrangement as well as an attractive piece of furniture. If, however, you’re more concerned with functionality, you'll want features that make working more flexible.

For example, some of these cubicles come with no-stain surfaces so employees who have their morning coffee at their desks can't do any damage to the office furniture. Some cubicles come equipped with wheels for maximum portability while others have adjustable levers for uneven floors.

Why are they different?

Some cubicles are quite inflexible, offering a single solution with no variety in either design or functionality. Modular cubicles are different, as they’re designed to be rearranged at will, and are meant for offices that can change at a moment's notice. You can even take these cubicles on the road if you need them at a trade show or other event.

You will find that many modular products have varying heights and other dimensions to facilitate groupings of different cubicles together. For example, one partition might be 8 feet tall, while the intersecting partition is only 4 feet tall. This can help facilitate easier communication between employees who work together.

How do I choose the right product?

When you're ready to buy modular cubicles, start by making a list of the features you need, as well as any style specifications. For example, do you want oak-colored partitions, or will the factory default gray-colored cube suffice? Should they have cabinets and shelves, or do you prefer bare walls?

Once you’ve made these decisions, compare several different products to see which is best for your office. Also, find out if the supplier is willing to install the cubicles for you or if you will have to handle set-up yourself.

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