Movable Cubicles

Movable cubicles make life easier

Movable Cubicles

Written by Steve Thompson

Business owners often need to rearrange their offices to accommodate new floor plans or employee requests, which is why movable cubicles are so useful. Portable cubicles provide both flexibility and convenience to small and large businesses alike.

What are movable cubicles?

Movable cubicles are a form of modular cubicle that greatly increases the flexibility of movement. Rather than having to disassemble the entire structure to move it across the room, theyíre usually built with wheels to allow you to change arrangements while the cubicle remains intact.

Although most come equipped with wheels, some allow you to remove the wheels once the cubicle is in place while others are simply light enough to transport easily without wheels. The type you decide to purchase will depend on how far you may need to move them and how much they actually weigh.

Pros and cons

Movable cubicles are undeniably convenient for a busy office setting since rearranging furniture takes minutes rather than days. This means that business owners donít have to put off making money while their employees wait around for the new design to be completed. Theyíre also beneficial because itís not necessary to hire a team of installers to move everything. It can be handled in-house with little effort.

However, many believe that a portable cubicle is not as stable or as efficient as other types. Although they have wheel locks to prevent unwanted shifting of furniture, they generally topple more easily and might not be able to support heavy shelves, cabinets and equipment.

Finding a movable cubicles dealer

When you decide to purchase movable cubicles, itís essential that you work with a reputable dealer that supplies high-quality equipment. Stability and functionality are sometimes a concern with these products, so you want to know that your cubicles will stand up to the rigors of daily activity.

Research the dealer's reputation with other business owners as well as organizations like the Better Business Bureau. Ask about manufacturing processes and what types of materials are used to create the cubicles. Also, find out exactly how much weight each partition can withstand, and compare those numbers to your own estimated needs.

Comparing products

Price is always a concern when buying movable cubicles, but you also want to compare all of the features of each brand you consider, beginning with price and continuing with things like warranty, dimensions, weight capacities, and methods of transportation.

Also consider the impact of this type of cubicle on the office itself. If you have tile or linoleum floors, for example, moving cubicles will be easier than if you have thick carpet installed. Cubicles with wheels will leave fewer scuff marks on the floor and less impressions of the rearranging you do from time to time.

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