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New Cubicles

Written by Steve Thompson

New cubicles for your office space can help increase productivity and improve employee relationships. Rather than being grouped together in one large room with no dividers, workers can maintain a sense of privacy while still enjoying access to their coworkers and superiors.

Benefits of new cubicles

The main benefit of buying cubicle partitions in new condition is the selection available. Rather than sorting through pre-owned options, you can mix and match features, sizes, colors, and materials with suppliers, which offers you the maximum flexibility in design and functionality.

Many suppliers offer discounts on bulk purchases of new products, which means that you might save considerable money on your purchase. You'll have new materials free of scratches, stains and defects, and the chances of your cubicles lasting a long time increase dramatically.

Cubicles pricing

The prices of new cubicles will vary considerably depending on the brand, size, quantity and features you choose. For example, larger cubicles with shelves, cabinets, drawers, work spaces, and other features will be far more expensive than plain options with no add-ons.

You might pay anywhere from $750 to more than $5,000 per unit, though you might pay less if you order in bulk. This is why many business owners choose to plan for expansion when buying cubicles: even if you don't need the extras now, you might a few years down the road.

Important cubicle features

Business owners can also save money on new cubicles by purchasing systems rather than individual units. For example, if you want to supply your employees with a little privacy, you might want to order cubicles that come with locked drawers so workers can store sensitive papers.

You might also want to purchase cubicles with separate computer workstations and writing areas. An L-shaped or U-shaped cubicle might have the computer setup in the joint, with open desk surface to either side. Workers who spend lots of time at their desks might benefit from computer keyboard trays that slide out from underneath the desk, reducing strain on wrists and shoulders.

Reviewing products

Before buying new cubicles, look at several different brands so you can compare the differences between them. Determine what you want your cubicles to be made out of (plastic, steel, glass, etc.), and what shape you feel is optimal for your employees.

Take the time to read all of the specifications for each cubicle model, and ask the supplier for comparison sheets if they represent multiple brands. In many cases, it is best to pay more for a better product than to have to replace your cubicles a few years down the road.

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