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Office Cubes

Written by Steve Thompson

Office cubes are one of the most popular ways to organize office space, particularly in call centers and in businesses with lots of administrative personnel. The cube organizational system allows employees to work with relative privacy, despite the lack of a formal, dedicated office.

Overview of office cubes

Cubicles are offices within a room, constructed usually of two or three partitions per unit, with workstations inside as well as other organizational implementations. They can be either complex and stylish or simple and bare with plenty of options for both style and functionality.

It’s possible to purchase office cubes designed specifically for a particular type of business such as call center cubicles, reception cubicles, and more. The cubes can be constructed of plastic, metal, and even glass, and can be customized with a combination of materials depending on the style of the cube you want.

Typical features

Most cubicles consist of three main parts: the outer shell (usually full or half partitions), the workstation (which includes a desk and perhaps a keyboard tray), and organizational implements (including cabinets, shelves, and drawers). Some cubicles may lack some of these specific components depending on the design.

Some cubicles have numerous brackets on the partitions to facilitate the hanging of shelves and other items. Modular cubicles, for example, are designed for flexibility, and allow businesses to rearrange the interior and exterior of the cube for different purposes. It’s also possible to find portable cubicles, which are usually built on wheels so they can be easily transported from one place to another.

Key benefits

Office cubes are highly flexible for business owners. If you move from one office location to another, for example, you can just take your employees' “offices” with you. They also allow you to rearrange your office to suit your own preferences, or to include new cubicles to expand your workforce.

They’re considered highly effective in terms of employee productivity, providing sufficient privacy for daily work. However, they’re also designed to allow workers to freely communicate with each other when necessary.

Some cubicles have sectional partitions that allow employees to talk with one another without leaving their seats which helps to promote staff teamwork.

Comparing deals

One thing you’ll notice when you start to look for office cubes is the sheer number of options you have. Not only can you choose from several different brands, but also dozens of models from the different brands each of which include its own set of features. This can be both overwhelming and encouraging for businesses looking to buy office cubes.

Make a list of the features you absolutely need, and a second list of those features which you would prefer to have. Then remove any options that don’t conform to the first list before comparing the remaining options on your second list. Although price can help you narrow down the field somewhat, you should also look at things such as dimensions, colors, organization, and installation.

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