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Office Partitions

Written by Steve Thompson

Office partitions are used to give workers privacy in the office, to reduce noise pollution that might impact employee performance, and to designate workspace for staff members. Also called cubicle partitions, space dividers, room dividers, and office space dividers, office partitions can be constructed of different materials and offer varying levels of privacy.

How are office partitions different from separate offices?

The great thing about office partitions is that they’re portable. This means that a business owner can redesign an entire office space without having to knock down walls or hire a contractor. Where traditional offices are static and immobile, dividers are flexible and portable.

In most cases, a divider will not stretch from floor to ceiling, which means that there will be open space above the partition. There are ways to incorporate partitions with partial walls in the office, but it is a matter of personal preference. Of course, this means that quiet and privacy are sacrificed to a certain degree.

What are the key features to consider?

The primary concern most business owners face when choosing office partitions is the materials with which the dividers are constructed. Some will be glass, plastic, or fiberglass blends while others may be made of steel or other metals. The materials used will have a direct impact on the price you pay.

Metal office partitions are generally heavier and sturdier, but are more difficult to move. However, they do tend to block sound far more effectively than glass, plastic, and other materials. If you plan to reorganize the office at a later date, however, lighter materials are advisable.

Why are dividers a good choice?

Office partitions are portable, which means they can be moved within the office or even transported to another location. Additionally, these products often facilitate better communication and teamwork among colleagues than individual offices. It is easy for staff members to hop over to the next section and ask for input or compare notes.

They are also beneficial for growing or changing offices. You can start with just a few dividers to accommodate your current employees, and then add more as your company grows. This lessens the initial investment in office space while still providing room to expand.

How should business owners choose dividers?

When you first decide that you want to use office partitions in your workplace, make sure to look at as many brands as possible so you know your options. Evaluate the different styles and sizes, and realize that partitions can range from terribly simple to very complex.

For example, if you are looking for a more artsy, attractive feel, you might want to purchase metal partitions with opaque glass inserts. This can create a modern atmosphere and allow natural light to penetrate all of the work spaces in the office.

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