Used Cubicles

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Used Cubicles

Written by Steve Thompson

Used cubicles are often preferable to new ones for a number of reasons. Start-up companies, in particular, have less money to spend on furnishings, and can get great deals on pre-owned products without having to sacrifice quality. In fact, itís possible to spend less on high-end, refurbished cubicles than on new, bargain-basement ones.

How much do used cubicles cost?

The price for pre-owned office cubicles will depend on where you purchase them, how old they are, and how much wear and tear they show. If they carry the "refurbished" title, it generally means they are in like-new condition with all new replacement parts and fresh materials.

Buying used from a resale shop or office furniture store is usually more expensive than ordering online. It may mean the difference between paying $300 and paying $500 per unit. For high-end cubicles with no marks or stains, you might pay as much as $800 per unit, though this is hard to find.

How should I choose a dealer?

When you're buying used cubicles, the dealer is almost as important as the products you are purchasing. Unfortunately, if you use a disreputable dealer, you may wind up paying for junk with no warranty and no way to reclaim your money. The good news is that you can check out companies through the Better Business Bureau, word of mouth, and online research.

Itís often best to work with a dealer that sells both new and used cubicles. This means they have access to a wide variety of products and may even buy back equipment at a later date. Itís a good idea to ask for comparisons between used and new products.

How can I compare features?

Sometimes, the details are sketchy when buying used cubicles. If there aren't sufficient specifications listed for a product you are interested in, find information about it from when it was new. This will list the most important features: dimensions, shelving capacity, workspace details and more.

Obviously, youíll want to find used product that will fit in your office space. Find out how many you need and the size of the cubicles you want. Make sure to consider all dimensions, including height, as these can vary from product to product. For example, if youíre concerned about employee privacy, cubicles with taller partitions would be more practical.

How can I protect myself?

When youíre ready to buy used cubicles, make sure you get all the details up front including the advertised condition of the products and all specifications. When they arrive, open the transporting materials to look at the cubicles before you sign for them. Make sure they are in the expected condition and match what you paid for.

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